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At that point, Young was best remembered for The Loretta Young Show , a pioneering and massively successful program that had put her in American living rooms for the bulk of the '50s. But that had been Young’s second act. She’d first appeared onscreen in 1917, at the age of 3; by age 40, she’d appeared in over a hundred films. Even years out of the spotlight, her distinctive doe eyes and name would have been recognizable to anyone born before 1950.

After a Hollywood career of more than 20 years, Young silenced many critics who regarded her as little more than a bland beauty of modest talent when she won an Oscar in 1947 for her performance in The Farmer’s Daughter . She received a second nomination for best actress in 1949 for her role as a nun in Come to the Stable . Her other notable films include The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939), The Stranger (1946), and The Bishop’s Wife (1947).

Young gave birth, and weeks later, the baby was put in an orphanage. [3] Lewis would spend the next 19 months in various "hideaways and orphanages" until Young's mother retrieved the toddler. [3] Later she told Hollywood gossip columnist Louella Parsons that she had "adopted" two children and several weeks later, told Parsons that she had to give one of the children back to its biological mother. She did this as a smokescreen to cover up the birth and to make her adoption story more believable. [4]

Loretta Young - The Littlest AngelLoretta Young - The Littlest AngelLoretta Young - The Littlest AngelLoretta Young - The Littlest Angel